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Discover France and its history

How to live in a country whose history we do not know? It is normal to feel lost without cultural references, without any civilisational knowledge. Our course of culture and civilisation proposes to you to explore some points of the history of France, in particular those related to Parisian. Each theme is developed during several sessions through texts, maps, vintage photographs, computer reconstructions and interviews filmed with specialists. The challenge is to acquire broad lines of general culture in order to better understand the society in which you live.

Proposed themes include:

  • Underneath Paris: the secret history

  • Napoleon I and Paris: contribution of the First Empire to the capital

  • The French Revolution of 1789: causes and consequences

  • The Louvre: history of eight hundred years of construction

  • Paris under the Second Empire: how Napoleon III and Haussmann remodeled the capital city

  • The Hundred Years War: behind the story of Joan of Arc, the stakes of a European conflict

  • Versailles: the story of one of the most beautiful European palaces

Two classes of one and a half hours per week

Saturday and Sunday

14:00-15:30 and 13:00-14:30

Intermediate level required


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