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Intensive course

Bienvenue en France

New session! 

From 14 March to 27 May

Absolute beginners

Twice a week, one hour class

Intermediate and advanced levels

Five hours per week

General French: three hours 
French civilisation: one hour 
DELF preparation: one hour 


Special offer
French course
In addition, each adult student enrolled in French classes can receive a 50% discount on art classes.

Calendar for the year 2022
This schedule applies only to group courses for adults. 
Private lessons and children's courses continue during the school holidays.

Calendrier 2022 - image.jpg


This course introduces all areas of daily life. How to introduce oneself, talk about oneself and one's family, go shopping, find one's way around town, use public transport, order at a restaurant, try on a piece of clothing, sign up for a leisure activity... Our small groups give all students plenty of time to talk in class and make faster progress. We provide all educational materials. New classes are opened regularly. 

Course progression: 

비즈니스 미팅

In two sessions

Ask for directions and understand a route

Ask for the price and buy something

Go to the restaurant, understand a menu and order

In one session

Introduce yourself and say what you like

Ask and give personal information

Request information about a place or a schedule

Understand or indicate a phone number, an address

In three sessions

Talk about your home and your family

Call and ask for an appointment

Buy a garment:

ask for advice, indicate size, try

In four sessions

Request tourist information

Talk about the future

Make a comparison and express a preference

Talk about the weather

In five sessions

To express oneself in the past, to evoke a memory 

To speak about animals

Explain one's studies and career

Talk about the holidays and express a feeling

In six sessions

Narrating an incident, ask someone for help

Explain the circumstances of an event


The intermediate level is the threshold of autonomy. It allows you to start and follow a conversation on known topics, to insist or to nuance your words in order to get out of conflict situations, especially in a shop. It is also from the intermediate level that many cultural points are covered in our module on French culture. Discover with us the tourist places of Paris, the history of the city, its music, its art...  We provide all educational materials. New classes are opened regularly. 


Our advanced level guarantees fluent expression on complex topics. We cover major social issues through a variety of media, such as newspaper articles, audiovisual documentaries and computer graphics. Each topic begins with an in-depth class discussion so that everyone can express their opinion in French. The advanced level also offers you the opportunity to improve your writing skills through a number of writing exercises. Our French literature module allows all our students to be introduced to the great classics. ​

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