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Course for foreign children schooled in France

Learn French in a suitable environment

Children do not learn like adults. It is obvious, and yet too many are inappropriate courses and textbooks that offer boring academic content. Our school, on the other hand, adapts to this generation of students who have so much need to communicate as quickly as possible with their French classmates. Our teachers allow them to acquire the vocabulary necessary for a fluid communication in class so that they fit smoothly into the French society.

Each course is divided into two parts:

  • A first half-hour of useful word explanations for all aspects of daily life and an oral comprehension exercise.

  • After a short break, the second part of the course is based on a playful medium such as an illustrated book or a cartoon. It is for the child to become familiar with French without fear, in a multilingual, relaxed atmosphere.


La police

Les petits accidents quotidiens

Les formalités administratives

Saturday (intermediate)

Sunday (beginning) 

14h-16h (two hours)

16h-17h (one hour)

age of 8 - age of 12

age of 5 - age of 8

160€ /month (4 weeks)

115€/month (4 weeks)

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