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Writing workshop

Perfecting your writing skills

It is often necessary to write in France. Whether for the administration (prefecture, CAF, taxes ...), one's landlord or real estate agency, to terminate a contract (internet, telephone, home insurance) or during one's studies (university homework, dissertations...). This course offers you to learn how to write different documents in a formal style adapted to each context.


In France, relations with the administration are mainly in writing, whether by post or by e-mail. The prefecture, the taxes or the family allowance fund will ask you regularly to explain your situation in writing. We will teach you how to write such letters.


Do you have to write to your boss, your landlord or one of your teachers? It is essential to respect the conventions. We will teach you how to address these recipients without committing the slightest faux pas.


It's so simple to subscribe to a service in a few clicks on the internet. But when it comes to cancel, a registered letter is necessary... Chez Xavier, learn how to easily free yourself from these contracts that do not suit you anymore.


University studies are naturally basep upon written documents. You will be asked to produce a large amount of texts, designed to strict standards. Our school offers you to learn how to write in this particular context  for a successful higher education.

Two classes of one and a half hours per week

Tuesday, Thursday

17:45 - 19:15

A1-A2, B2-C1


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